// faith of our mothers



On a small tube TV placed on side table, a red hat traces time leaving echoes of itself as the woman wearing it rocks her head side to side during a church service. Next to the TV is a bowl of peppermints and a photograph of women of the civil rights movement.


// white artifacts



Three tiers of white steps with slave shackles painted white. Mounted to the left of the stairs is a Jim Crow sign from a Savannah theater stating “colored seating upstairs”. On the wall are two non-culturally specific masks mass produced for aesthetic consumption painted white. Suspended above the stairs is a key. This work is an allusion to the Greek myth, and subsequently the 1812 painting by Richard Westall about “the sword of Damocles”

// rice everlasting



A 5′ x 18″ acrylic silhouette of the Gullah corridor. Pressed underneath are flowers of the life everlasting plant, which has been used for generations as a remedy to ailments. The plant grows wild in the corridor. Stacked above is Carolina Gold rice. Georgetown County, SC was home to the richest rice plantations in the world prior to the civil war.

// proximity politics


2014 – present

Using the PrimeSense (or Kinect) to measure distance, the distance of the user to the screen will determine what video/images will play. This is a walkthrough of the first installation in the fall. The project has been modified since this recording. The initial command is “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.” and the images change on the screen based upon the number of people present and the proximity to the sensor. This project requires at least 12’ of uninterrupted space between user and the sensor. The project is powered by Isadora ran on a Mac system.