// a site of reckoning


    13” x 19” digital photographic prints 

    (6) 19” x 13” screenprints

    Using original photographs and archival materials collected by a lifelong member of Mother Emanuel AME Church, I explore the tensions between faith and politics, pastoral care and national healing, and the dynamics of collective memory across communities, polities, and time.

    // a symbol of hate

    2015 – present

    13” x 19” digital photographic prints 

    // dakar (looking for ousmane)



    35mm B&W scanned negatives

    Inspired by the debate between French filmmaker and anthropologist Jean Rouch and Senegalese filmmaker Ousmane Sembène in 1965, Sembene pointed out the limitations of ethnography and direct cinema. A year later he would release Black Girl, the first African film made in Africa by an African filmmaker, jump starting an era of cinema in Senegal that has since been in decline since the 1990s.

    // notes for a hypothetical project

    2014 – present

    20  – 13” x 19” photographic prints

    Theses photographs are visual notes for a hypothetical rebranding project. I began to imagine what could be representative of the actual border between North and South Carolina and how the existing structures can be re-purposed while improving the economic conditions of the county.