// from sea to sea


From Sea to Sea (2014)

1 min 15 sec

edition of 4 + 2 AP

A look across the Atlantic Ocean from the Cape Coast in Ghana to Coastal Carolina in the Americas through the lens of an early twentieth century traditional Ewe fetish priest mask.


// a site of reckoning: battlefied


A Site of Reckoning: Battlefield (2016)

4 min 47 sec

edition of 4 + 2 AP

A meditation on the aftermath of the murders at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC using footage from before, directly after and weeks following the mass shooting of the Emanuel 9 in 2015.


// light weaver


Light Weaver (2015)

4 min 3 sec

Light Weaver (2015)

Excerpt:  30 sec 

edition of 4 + 2 AP


The migration of black bodies across the Atlantic Ocean during the transatlantic slave trade in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries produced a distinctive African American community referred to as the Gullah people who live along the coast of South Carolina. The Gullah people have been successful in actively preserving many aspects of the West African culture and language of their ancestors.

Light Weaver is composed of 36 tracks of vertically cropped videos of a Gullah netmaker and basket weaver, their movements create the horizontal lines.

// colored collage





Colored Collage (2015 – present)

5 min 5 sec

edition of 4 + 2 AP

Using audio primarily from Goff’s old cell phone voice and memos from his family’s archival records, this long durational work systematically integrates a 1940 Negro Primary School Reader, computer-generated mixed media, video outtakes and personal iPhone videos.

Colored Collage is a living organism that follows specific guidelines as it continues to grow and change over time.


// plezier!

Plezier! (2013, 2015)

2 min 22 sec

This documentary focuses on the Dutch celebration during the Zwarte Piet Festival in Amsterdam, Netherlands and their portrayal of St. Nicholas’ controversial blackface servant, Black Pete who dons a curly afro and giant bright red lips.

// police courts

Police Courts (2015)

2 min 32 sec

edition of 4 + 2 AP

“White Flight” from urban neighborhoods began in the early 1950s and accelerated after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.


As racial tensions escalated in 1968, the North End of Hartford, CT burned in orchestra with Washington, D.C., Chicago, and other cities across America.   After more than half a century of divestment of resources in the community, “The Police Court,” remains a gathering place for locals in Hartford despite the closure of a much-needed substation that gave the court its name.